Got your attention?

7 thoughts on “Got your attention?”

  1. Hey thanks folks! Appreciate any kind of interest at this point! I hope that I will be able to bring some stuff to the table that might get us all motivated to be the best we can be! i look forward to some lively debate…

  2. Interesting idea. A couple of months ago I uploaded (to Flickr) a shot of a man wearing only sandles, riding a bicycle along a street in Barcelona. I liked the shot because I had also managed to capture the reaction of a couple of pedestrians. UBut soon, the shot began to attract interest amongst Flickrites whose photostreams seemed dedicated to pictures of naked men. To me this only illustrates that the meaning of an image owes as much to the imagination of the viewer as it does to that of the author. Good luck with your site 🙂

    1. XPAT

      Thats what is the point of interest to me here… to try and break through the literal interpretation of photography and journalism and investigate a more fundamental truth… if thats possible…

      People are completely motivated by their own desires, hence you get directed to naked men photos on Flickr because thats what those other people that have seen your shot are interested in…not perhaps for the question it may have asked… nudity is a beacon for people believing that to be naked is somehow something to do with sex and therefore should not be acknowledged. Even if its as out of place as someone riding a bike around in the buff or walking on a city street, people squirm…

      Think about the huge debate in Australia about Bill Henson’s photo’s of naked 12 year olds. The out cry was huge because the commentators from every walk of life, politics, police and the general public could not get past a naked adolescent as being rather beautiful rather than sexual.

      ‘These children should be protected’ they cried… but from what? Several of them, now adults had posed for Henson as adolescents and could find no ill affects to their current situations.

      All those people claiming Henson’s work was ‘hideous’ weren’t using their imaginations, which one would ague good art should engage, they were working off a basic urge which leads people into muddy waters when it comes to viewing nudity in any form. Henson’s work was banned and vilified here which to me has much to do with the general lack of imagination as much as peoples own ability to decide.

      Hence this site… its a antidote to ‘Reality Shows’…

      Thanks for your comment

  3. Oh, I couldn’t agree with you more. The Henson case was a clear illustration of a knee-jerk reaction to form betraying a total lack of understanding of content, or even the lack of desire to understand content. Perhaps this more recent case would interest you too.
    I cannot help but be mystified by the paradox of a society that condones and even promotes child beauty pageants and yet convulses in horror when a mother takes a picture of her son with his chest bare.
    I look forward to seeing where your site takes you.

    1. XPAT Yep I saw that one and choked on my chupa-chup… this is bureaucracy gone completely mad. My god what would they have thought of my cousins birthing photos? They were quite artistic but would they have protected the rights of the being born child?

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