• PJ Hoggers is the pseudonym of photojournalist Lisa Hogben. Lisa is an award winning photojournalist whose work has been published and exhibited world wide for clients such as TIME and the New York Times. More and more she realises that the need for intelligent discussion on a range of subjects is not being met by the traditional media and wishes to explore those subjects which consistently fall off the radar of the popular press. A wide ranging knowledge of photography, art, the environment, human rights and politics will contribute to many varied and lively discussions. 'Out of the Shadows' will also be a showcase for Lisa's photography and photo-essays for which she is finding it increasingly difficult to find a home.

We Stand For Mercy…

Abraham Lincoln once said “I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice”. Lincoln of course is a historic figure and a great man of the sort we don’t seem to find anymore in this world. It would seem strange that as an Australian photojournalist that I would open this particular blog with a … Continue reading


Today I DID Something….

Today I did something I have never done before. I tipped over the edge from just being a photojournalist and armchair activist into making a stand. Doing something real and practical and hoping like hell it will make a difference. Today I delivered a petition with over 1600 signatures to the Consulate-General of the Indonesian … Continue reading

Barb at work002

Poor Fellow My Country

“Until we give back to the black man just a bit of land that was his and give it back without provisos, without strings to snatch it back, without anything but complete generosity of spirit in concession for the evil we have done him – until we do that, we shall remain what we have … Continue reading


Mumma Mia… Here We Go Again… Why Why…Why Are We So Sexist?

Ok..Ok…It might appear that I am bagging Australians unjustly but it just seems to me that every time some white guy in the media opens their mouth lately they do it merely to exchange feet. I mean the President of the Collingwood Australian Rules football team,  Eddie MacGuire has just recently rotated his metatarsals over … Continue reading


Why Some Of My Best Friends Are Racist

Undoubtedly you are reading this article because of the header. I guess it was a trick I learnt early in my life as the daughter of the famed tabloid journalist Brian Hogben, whose daily mantra when he edited the Daily Mirror newspaper was “Well we beat the Sun (the Mirror’s opposition newspaper) by 150,000 today”. … Continue reading


Why Being An Australian Is Embarrassing

I dwell within a beautiful continent. It is graced with an amazing variety of landscapes and inhabited by the original people of the earth. It has been brutally colonised and been the site of mass immigrations and now has representatives from almost every country in the world calling it home. It is an incredibly rich … Continue reading


Inspiring Change…

Wow.. now thats a header that going to be a hard one to live up too! But then anything that inspires change is never going to be easy really is it? If it was then I am sure that we would all be riding on an endless merry-go-round of possibilities to improve our environments, our … Continue reading


Aunty Delmae Barton

Today I have a special treat for all my readers… Aunty Delmae Barton is a proud Bidjera woman from Central Queensland, a world famous Opera singer, former lecturer at Griffith University, writer and painter is going to share some of her thoughts on the world. I am very privileged to call Aunt Delmae my friend … Continue reading

Disaster and Alex

Eugene Atget and The Loupe…

I love being back in the loop.. I mean country living has its fine points but today I find myself back in Sydney enjoying the visual, auditory and olfactory treats that only the city can provide… Guess I must be a stimulation junkie! But its the galleries of art and theatres of human performance that … Continue reading


Campaign Launch For ‘Beautiful Music’

‘Beautiful Music’ is a documentary that chronicles a hero’s journey from the mean streets of Sydney to the warm heart of central Australia. It features the members of the Sydney Street Choir who come from the ranks of the mentally ill, homeless and drug addicted who sing themselves to salvation each time they perform. Set … Continue reading


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