No News?

So what is going on in the world? Well if you asked at the online version of the Sydney Morning Herald you would have to say not much at all. I just checked the front page over there and one of the lede stories is day two of how some thief stole a Mac and … Continue reading No News?


Leave The Kids Alone

This photo is of a group of kids playing at a kids playground. So what? Most of you would say, kids play at playgrounds, why blog about a bunch of kids playing at a playground in  light of the bombing of Gaddafi’s HQ in Libya? It is important to point out though, that what seems … Continue reading Leave The Kids Alone

Sayonara Yoko San

These photos are pretty typical illustration of a group of friends anywhere around the world hanging out together on a Saturday night at their  local. Beers, laughter, bad jokes and did I say lots of beers?  Except this happy little bunch will never ever be the same again now.. Yoko Suzuki, with the brightest of … Continue reading Sayonara Yoko San

Eleanor Rigby…

I don’t know about anyone else out there but I am being completely driven insane by the constant begging emails I receive from various business ventures, charities and people wanting me to buy viagra or other sex aids (which might be fine if you’re a guy) that manage to slip past my spam detector. With … Continue reading Eleanor Rigby…