That One Day Of The Year….

4 thoughts on “That One Day Of The Year….”

  1. Well put Lisa. We have done so much damage in 200 years it’s difficult to comprehend such short sightedness. No part of nature is an infinite or expendable resource , yet on we go on the path of destruction, with no care for what we leave for future generations. The date for Australia Day as it currently stands means nothing historically and has been in place but a short time so just change it.

  2. wonderfully done… unfortunately, this seems to be a human failing since we too are suffering thru a fiasco of our own… Our Native Americans are completely subjugated and our environment sinking into the swamp…. 😦

    1. Yes the video of those Covington Catholic school boys wearing ‘Make America Great Again” hats tormenting Nate Phillips, a First Nations Elder and Vietnam War Veteran, makes America shameful. The mother of the boy featured in the videos is even more shameful. America and Australia are both shameful destroyers of the environment… and while we don’t have Trump we do have a whole bunch of people that seem to somehow echo his bellicose right-wing, just purely dumb behaviour….

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