After Hours

Living in Australia can feel intensely remote… even in the very centre of Sydney, the largest city  in this vast land mass called the Australian continent. Often you can find yourself completely alone walking down a inner city street after midnight… It can sometimes feel like you are the only person alive on this planet … Continue reading After Hours

We Want The World….

… And We Want It Now! So go the lyrics of one of the seminal songs of the 1960’s “When The Music’s Over” by Jim Morrison and The Doors. Jim Morrison was a great poet and iconic ‘rock-star’ who challenged the actions of the generations that had proceeded him with his songs, in what were considered to be … Continue reading We Want The World….

Two Minds One Heart….

I am not a romantic… Well at least thats what I have told everyone all my life… in fear, I guess, of the greater probability of all romantic notions failing abysmally when it comes to reality… Take for instance the romance of the idea that we could all be equal in our dealings with one … Continue reading Two Minds One Heart….