Boganus Australis

3 thoughts on “Boganus Australis”

  1. Well said LIsa, proud to know you and your continued fight for people without a voice. Keep on with the struggle, you make a difference.

    1. Yeah I am a big mouth thats for sure! This is really insulting and painful and hurtful to so many people I know and Thelma is the daughter of a very good friend. Aboriginal people use their voices but no-one listens…. Sadly I get more attention when I speak… and that makes me mad too… When people overlook my friends and go to me because I am white… especially when I stand next to someone and they ignore them… Which has happened on so many occasions I can not begin to tell you…So I will always keep commenting because at least people might find it a conduit into what is really going on in this country…

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