Brumbies Running Wild and Free…

That was a line out of a poem I wrote as a seven year old child. I received all sorts of accolades for the poem from my then 2nd grade teacher, only to run directly into the ire of Sister Cletus sometime later in the day for mentioning (Winnie) The Pooh as a great piece … Continue reading Brumbies Running Wild and Free…


We Want The World….

… And We Want It Now! So go the lyrics of one of the seminal songs of the 1960’s “When The Music’s Over” by Jim Morrison and The Doors. Jim Morrison was a great poet and iconic ‘rock-star’ who challenged the actions of the generations that had proceeded him with his songs, in what were considered to be … Continue reading We Want The World….

Two Minds One Heart….

I am not a romantic… Well at least thats what I have told everyone all my life… in fear, I guess, of the greater probability of all romantic notions failing abysmally when it comes to reality… Take for instance the romance of the idea that we could all be equal in our dealings with one … Continue reading Two Minds One Heart….

‘Voluntourism’ The Newest Holiday Destination?

After suffering an interminable period of disconnectedness from the world due to an appalling internet and communications service I am now determined to overcome the terrestrial limitations that living two hours from the official seat of Federal Government in Australia creates and bring to you the news of the latest trend in holiday travel…. Yes … Continue reading ‘Voluntourism’ The Newest Holiday Destination?