Ong and Ong and Ong….

2 thoughts on “Ong and Ong and Ong….”

  1. Well put Lady, well put… It is a real and growing threat. The sampling (read theft) of others music & it’s incessant use in rap music have shown the current couple of generations that everything’s free if they can grab it.
    Unfortunately the courts are too cowardly to enforce the copyright laws unless the suit is brought by a deep pockets companies…

    1. There is definitely a larger debate to be had here…This kind of reminds me of the Helen Demidenko furore but its not that clever…I am not sure that the example of sampling music entitles people to negate their obligations to siting others work either…Gotye actually used three bars of another musicians work as a direct influence in his song “Someone I Used to Know” but he paid the original artist royalties and also publicly acknowledged the use of it…Smart guy that one…It has been suggested to me that Mr Ong has used other photographers work for sometime so I think it is more of a case of one person that has made a career out of “appropriating” other photos…And for all I know he may have paid a licensing fee to Getty to use the images of the eagle…the mistake he has made is trying to pass off the original image as his own…and I can’t see that as anything less than stealing…

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