Miss Julia Delivers The Goods…

3 thoughts on “Miss Julia Delivers The Goods…”

    1. Interesting point…Mary Ward was a nun and by definition unmarried and childless…but she also founded a religious order…IBVM…against a fair amount of opposition at the time…

  1. Germaine Greer is incredibly irrelevant in this day and age. Not sure she ever had much to contribute, and she continues to prove that every time she opens her ill-informed mouth. It’s interesting (to say the least) how the media focus continues to be on Julia’s appearance, and that is completely wrong. However, I would add that John Howard (from the 70s) was vilified by the media for his appearance, and had to make changes to his hair, his glasses, his eyebrows, and so it goes. I couldn’t care if our PM looks like the local hobo, as long as they run the coutnry with integrity.

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