The Big Event…

5 thoughts on “The Big Event…”

    1. Oh thanks Fiona thats really sweet of you! I do have a cunning plan which is going to bring the whole exhibition onto another level and hopefully it will help us get funding for the doco…More of that later!

  1. I understand what u mean about the difficulty of sifting through the detritus of the last five years. It’s horribly difficult because it not only means finding the images but rejecting a number of them.
    A hard thing for Photographers to do. Painters don’t have that much of a problem because they normally don’t generate the quantity of work the we do.

    I really wish I could get over to see the exhibition. I’ve been following your work & thoughts for a while now & it would be smashing to get to meet you & see your work in it’s native surroundings…

    Congratulations & Enjoy!

    1. Hey Why…you bet the biggest struggle I have is rejecting images as some mean more to me than others or are not absolutely perfectly composed but have more atmosphere… me oh my… its actually painful!

      I would love you to be at the opening and I am sorting a way that you and lots of my other distant colleagues can be as well…

      Stay tuned to this blog for updates… and thanks for the encouragement… every bit really helps…

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