Gone Daddy GoDaddy!

4 thoughts on “Gone Daddy GoDaddy!”

  1. Disgusting, to put it mildly. I couldn’t/wouldn’t watch the video. Buy my FB friends have been passing it around, canceling their GoDaddy accounts, and encouraging others to do the same. Sick. I keep coming back to what my daddy always said, “Nobody’s entirely useless: even the worst of us can serve as a horrible example.”

    1. A great quote that your father left you with Lane!

      The thing that gets me, really gets me about this is the fact that the last section of the footage is of the local fellas stripping the elephant carcass of flesh. The footage is speeded up deliberately to make the villagers look comical. There is nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, comical about starvation and the way this video has been edited calls on every cliche of imperialist ‘conquering’ propaganda. I am almost surprised that there wasn’t some neo-nazi style march past as the final scene. I did almost expect to see a few white sheets fluttering around. IMHO this is not only environmental vandalism it is racist to an extreme… and I take enormous affront at the fact he has used what sounds to me like an uncredited AC/DC song to emphasis the ‘machismo’ of the whole thing… The guy is obviously a…. well I can’t write it here, but seriously this is just totally completely unacceptable behaviour from someone who is a captain of industry…

  2. I think it should be Gone Daddy. If I had a an account I would show my disgust by hitting where it hurts , by not adding to their revenue streams. Quitting all my accounts with them as a form of ethical and poignant protest. Why would I want to give my money over to such a schumck ! Time to up the anti on this – create the online buzz that gets people to move away from Go Daddy. Go Daddy CEO , Bob Parson’s is an elephant killer, an egotistical moron. Hell Bells to him too ! His excuse is far from being sincere, honest, or reproachable.

    If you are interested he is the owner of family of companies comprising three ICANN-accredited domain name registrars, including flagship registrar GoDaddy.com, reseller registrar Wild West Domains and Blue Razor Domains. Other affiliated companies include Domains by Proxy Inc., a domain privacy company, and Starfield Technologies, the business’s technology development arm. These should be taken to task as well .

    Bob Parsons is the “Scummiest CEO of the Year” .

    1. Thats great information about his company manifesto… so all you guys are there that think this guy is a schmuck then certainly let him know by hitting him where it hurts… in the hip pocket!

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