Eleanor Rigby…

2 thoughts on “Eleanor Rigby…”

  1. Lisa, if you ever get an email like that from my mailbox…ignore it. Its definitely a phising ploy because I would never send such an email. As for working in a nursing home, my mother spent the last months of her life in one and being a carer for the elderly is too important a job to be left to people who are only there for life experience.

    1. Hey Xpat, sorry to hear about your Mum. I agree that looking after our elders in one of the most important things on earth but I believe that people interested in photography should work in nursing homes simply to learn humility…

      The begging emails I am talking about are the ones where people want me to give them money in one of those crowd sourcing arrangements which are meant to be the new form of fund raising on the internet. I have received about ten requests from various photographers this year alone, via those ‘help me raise money for my worthy project’ sites.

      What has got on my wick is the last one which has been sent to me by a very middle class person who wants to explore their family heritage. I mean I don’t even mind reading some of the proposals for some of them, but they are always sent by such earnest people and they are always about the bloody photographers identity.

      My gripe is perhaps they should develop their own identities through hard work rather than asking me for a handout….

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