At The End Of The Day…

5 thoughts on “At The End Of The Day…”

  1. I read recently that it is bad comment etiquette to include links to one’s own blog when commenting on that of another and since I had already committed such a transgression on one of your earlier posts I am not going to do that again. But if you happen to go to my blog you’ll find a piece there that pretty much sums up my own feelings on this subject.

    I’m sorry for the losses you have experienced lately. Those sad events certainly put things into a different perspective and make one reflect on one’s priorities. I hope brightness returns soon.

    BTW: I also worked at News Limited in the 70s. Six degrees of separation?

    1. XpatScot You can post whatever you like here! Don’t be shy to put up your blog please!

      And yes it has been very sad, but I am a bright character really so I am sure that this too will pass…

      Oh my goodness-well then you would have known Dad for sure, where you a photographer there? You would have known Uncle Maurie and possibly my brother as well…

      1. Okay Lisa, this is the piece I was referring to:

        Sadly, I wasn’t a photographer at Holt Street. I had aspirations to become one but I was told that I was already too old to be taken on as a cadet; so later, I got a job in the accounts department, hoping that I might be able to worm my way onto the photography team that way – but it didn’t happend. I probably wouldn’t have known your Dad because I rarely came into contact with journalists other than in the canteen or the bar of the Evening Star; but the name Maurie rings a distant bell.

        Cheers, Keith

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friends & your Flat-mates Dad in such a short period of time.

    Back when my family was seemingly dropping like flies I found writing to be very cathartic, as it appears you have found. I must add, you wrote about it much more eloquently than I…

    A Wonderful piece…thank you

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