And Pigs Will Fly…

5 thoughts on “And Pigs Will Fly…”

  1. Nothing is possible today without “branding”, as much branding as possible. Hopefully we will wake up and this money first attitude will fade away.

  2. In another place and time a group of consciencious photographers got together and founded a photo agency (Magnum), expressly because they wanted to retain control of their images and avoid their prostitution by publishers whose agenda was often oriented more towards profit than veracity. It might sound a little naive but perhaps the time has come again for photojournalists to unite. I’m not, however, a practising photojournalist so I might not have understood the subtlties of your argument.

    1. Actually again Xpat thats very astute of you! The three online magazine have been produced by groups of photographers banding together and Photojournale now has a dedicated editorial board (of which I am a part) to start vetting and improving the photo stories that we will run in the future. Eventually we hope to be publishing more of the work from there in hard copy (we already have done a book, called ‘Connections’ which was done entirely via the internet. So yes it is an interesting concept that we control and market our own work and one which lots of us are involved in now.

      Of course making any of this pay is still really difficult but the migration of certain subscription only newspapers and magazines to such platforms as ipad hopefully will make it easier for the many co-operatives to follow suit. I guess time will tell…

      1. Of course, as you’ve discussed in other blog pieces, the fact that contemporary technology has turned almost everyone into a potential photographer means that publishers are spoiled for choice at considerably lower financial outlay; whereas the REAL cost (to journalism) may be in sacrificing the quality of the resulting product. And the danger is that the suppression of professional photojournalists may lead to a lowering of public expectations of the standard of photojournalism; perhaps deliberately, to satisfy the pricing goals of the publishers..

        This is clearly a very challenging time for those whose who are driven by sincerity and quality rather than the 15 minutes of fame derived from seeing one’s shot in the press. Good luck with your struggle. They say that quality always rises to the top. I sincerely hope that it does.

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