The Lens Of Cyclone Yasi..

4 thoughts on “The Lens Of Cyclone Yasi..”

  1. I love people making narky ill-informed comments. Just to clear up a couple of things;
    . I was asked in to the ambulance by Beaconsfield miner Todd Russel. He had sent a message up with rescue workers for me to be at the gate when he came out. Mel and I had got to know his family. When in the ambulance he gave me his Miner’s tag as a thankyou for being so nice to his family. What was I meant to do… tell the bloke to get nicked when he asked me in.
    . As for journalistic background. I started as a cadet on the Australian newspaper in the late 70s, then worked for BRW and came up with the idea for Personal Investment magazine (I was its founding editor). I was the youngest editor of any publication at Fairfax. I then launched Personal Investment magazines for Fairfax in the UK and NZ. Then I started my own financial trade publishing house (with Fairfax as a joint partner) which lasted 20 years.
    During that time I would be finance contributor to radio and TV (finance editor at Seven for 20 years). By sheer fluke I was asked to fill in on Sunrise and stayed there.
    Now pjhogger… what are your credentials. Let me know the expertise you have to make your comments.

    1. Actually David I have been a photojournalist for twenty years working for TIME magazine and the New York Times and in fact I have done a bit of work for Palamedia in my time as well, where your bright and cheery face was often seen around the corridors.

      I am glad to be informed of your journalistic background, as I only knew about your time as a publisher so I do stand corrected. And I am somewhat surprised you found my humble little blog.

      As you say yourself, it was sheer fluke you ended up on Sunrise… In my small opinion I think I preferred you as a publisher.

      1. Ok I have had a few comments about this using some fairly abusive language. Keep it polite, intelligent and well researched and it will be published regardless of your point of view. The forum for just mindless slagging someone off is not here ok…

  2. Ahhh……….. if that’s who I think it is from channel seven he has serious competition from channel ten for the best Buster Keaton style news footage

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