Between The Flags…

4 thoughts on “Between The Flags…”

  1. Can we have the National Anthem changed at the same time. It’s an embarrassment. Who uses ‘girt’ these days?

    1. I am with you there Xpat!

      I think we should certainly over haul it to include stuff about the bushfires, the cyclones and the abuse of the Indigenous people at the hands of the colonial invaders…would make for one hell of a ditty, don’t you agree?

      And maybe just a wee mention of the destruction of the environment by miners, feed lots and bureaucratic mismanagement….

      I have an example of something we can replace it with written by a good friend of mine Adam Hill…it goes like this…


      Australians all let us remorse

      For we are blind and can not see

      We’ve golden soil that we all spoil

      Our home washes into sea

      Our land abounds in racist gits

      Of whom we really can’t bear

      In history’s cage recompense the slaves

      Do Australians really care?

      In painful strains that left a sting

      Do Australians really care?

      1. Hi Lisa,
        That’s a very clever parody. And I totally agree that we shouldn’t ignore the past or deny the realities of life in Australia. But maybe someone could compose an anthem that inspires us to move foward positively towards a more inclusive society, one that respects rather than exploits the environment, that cooperates as well as it competes, that shows compassion as well as passion, that celebrates the differences between people and also values the things we have in common, one that makes us proud to stand together knowing that we are there for each other, that if one of us needs help there is a nation he or she can turn to.

        Or am I expecting too much?

  2. @pjhoggers @XpatScot … Not too much ! Offering up the following award-winning Oz campaign spiel ….. penned ’cause, layer upon layer, it exists:

    “Australian made with hearts & hands
    from beauties rich & rare;
    this land abounds with nature’s gifts,
    sustain yourself – buy care”

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