Julian Assange for Australian of the Year…

8 thoughts on “Julian Assange for Australian of the Year…”

  1. So far all he and his crew are is putting out files on soft western targets………. now when he starts putting things out on the extremists/terrorists, various criminal organisations, drug lords,criminal based gangs etc then maybe he will have some creditability. But that would place himself into danger and we couldn’t have that …………………..so better to dob on governments that directly affect Mums, Dads, the kids after all there is more mileage gained there.

    1. Imants I am sure that if the ‘drug lords, criminal based gangs etc’… kept good records that some one was willing to hand over to Mr Assange then he probably would publish them as well… Alas the ‘Bra Boys’ the ‘Nomads’, ‘the Lions of Lebanon’ rarely if ever do their paperwork on a regular basis and find they just can’t seem to entice an accountant to stay with them for any period of time..

  2. It should be pointed out that TIME has always stressed that their “Person of the Year” is not an AWARD as such – it reflects a person who was influental, for good or bad, during the preceding year. If the “Australian of the Year” is an AWARD, for a POSITIVE contribution, then just be aware that the approach and criteria would be very different.

  3. Julian Assange for Australian of the Year.

    Because he did what no other press did.
    Time will see him as a man who took a lot more risks than some seems to believe today.
    If he was really only going for the soft target, he would not be in the troubles he is now.
    People who speak the truth ussually end up in trouble.

    And simply because no other Australian has drown more international attention, press and comment than him for a very long time. That really set him appart no?

    Have a good day,

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