The Game of Life…

4 thoughts on “The Game of Life…”

  1. Tragically only a few days after writing this piece I have learnt a friend of mine has also taken her own life. Her severe mental illnesses contributed to this, but none the less make the realisation of her passing no easier. She was an extremely talented artist and it makes no sense to me that someone as gentle and self effacing should feel so desperate and without hope…

    I can only pray she is at peace now…

  2. These are truely vexing issues and since I don’t know the specific individuals mentioned in your piece it would be totally inappropriate for me to speculate on their circumstances. But in general terms, people who are driven to express themselves in one form or another, albeit that they may be surrounded by family, colleagues, comrades and even admirers, can suffer abonimable loneliness if they feel that their message is not being understood as they, themselves, understand it. And those who feel most deeply are often the most vulnerable. I also pray for those who are still alive.

  3. XpatScot’s kind piece throws some clarity on Penny’s death. I particularly like the comment,

    ‘those who feel most deeply are often the most vulnerable’

    Whoever you are ‘ExpatScot’ you have come very close to understanding Penny’s suicide. Perhaps even closer than some in her own family.

    I am connected through my wife’s family, we knew Penny and stayed with her when visiting her mum who has survived her. Thanks for posting this comment, it is comforting at this time.

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